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Dental office Dr Milos Ljubojevic offers the best quality of dental services in all fields of dentistry including contemporary diagnostics and treatment of oral diseases, as well as implantology and aesthetic dentistry. All dental services are performed according to international dental, sanitary, and safety standards.

Our team of experts will take excellent care of you. Feel free to visit our dental office in Koste Glavinica Street, number 2, Senjak, Belgrade.

You will get a thorough examination free of charge, after which you can schedule an appointment.

Our dental office is following global trends and up-to-date discoveries in dentistry and by using modern materials, techniques and equipment, we guarantee the highest quality of dental service in all domains of dentistry.

Dental tourism in Serbia has become a very popular and common trend, so do not hesitate to call us and announce your arrival. Dental office Dr Milos Ljubojevic and its kind and helpful staff will inform you about the best accommodation options for you.

Dental office Dr Milos Ljubojevic offers you the following dental services:

  • Dental prosthetics
  • Oral surgery
  • Implantology
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Pediatric and preventive dentistry
  • Orthopaedics
  • Examinations and consultations

Dental prosthetics is something we pay a special attention to at our dental clinic and we are proud to say that it is our specialty when it comes to both aesthetic and functional requirements of patients. The so-called Hollywood smile is something that can become a reality at our dental clinic. We take an individual, customized approach to every single client.

Our dental office uses the latest and most up-to-date methods in order to completely rehabilitate your mouth cavity:

  • Non-metal ceramics for crowns and bridges
  • Metal ceramics for crowns and bridges
  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures (Acrylicor Wisill)
  • Full ceramic veneers
  • Ceramic inlays
  • Combined denture services

When it comes to oral surgery our dental clinic offers  you  a wide range of services. We provide you with the following dental services:

  • Surgical extraction of impacted teeth
  • Tooth root resection
  • Jaw cysts surgery (cystectomy)
  • Presurgical correction of soft and bone tissue
  • Flap surgery as well as artificial bone implant in case of periodontitis

We will make sure to make your visit and a particular dental service as enjoyable as possible. Our kind staff and our dentists, experts in their field, as well as the pleasant surroundings at our dental clinic will help you relax.


Nowadays periodontitis is the most frequent cause of tooth loss. Early discovery of the disease and prompt treatment are of crucial importance for a successful and predictable outcome of the treatment. Mostly it is necessary to perform a few conservative treatments, remove concrement from supragingival and subgingival areas, train the patient regarding oral hygiene, and schedule occasional appointments.

Surgical treatments

When a disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage surgical treatment is recommended, due to bone defects called “pockets”, deterioration and pulling of teeth gums, decay of teeth supporting structure or even a loss of a tooth. First of all we will do all the necessary consultation, examinations and X-ray analysis in order to identify the most endangered teeth and steps that are to be taken. Consultations may be done after the exchange of digital X-ray via the Internet and e-mail. At that time, we can discuss your problems, clarify dilemmas, and/or make an appointment.

Oral surgery

We will perform your surgical intervention effectively and responsibly. Our dental clinic will solve your problems regarding a difficulty in molar eruption, cyst or purulent process in the tooth root. We will do our best in order for the procedure to go without pain, complications and delays.

If you suffer from a particular phobia of any kind of oral surgical intervention, certain interventions can be done with complete local anesthesia.

Impacted wisdom tooth surgical extraction

Extraction of the impacted molar or wisdom tooth is a surgical procedure, which is essentially different from the pulling of erupted teeth. Dentists at our dental clinic will explain to you in details what kind of postoperative complications are possible and what things should be avoided in order to heel as fast as possible. Implantology is a branch of dentistry that involves insertion of implants. Missing teeth are implanted painlessly, so that the patient gets both functional and esthetical solutions. Dental clinic Dr Milos Ljubojevic can proudly confirm that our success rate of implant installation is very close to 100%. The implant is considered successful if it lasts for 15 years.

Our dental office uses contemporary systems in the field of implantology:

Straumann: www.straumann.com
Biohorizons: www.biohorizons.com

Implants can be inserted in cases of one or more teeth missing either in a lower or in the upper jaw.

After analysis of adequate X-rays the plan of implant installation is made, with special focus on a quick and painless procedure that is done in our dental clinic.

Dental implantat

It is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. It is completely biocompatible (the organism does not identify it as a foreign object). The implant is placed into the bone during a painless surgical procedure. After placing the implant into the jawbone, the implant is left to bind with the bone without adding a prosthesis – temporary or permanent crown. The contact between the implant and the jawbone is direct, without existence of connective tissue.

After osseointegration (structural and functional connection of implant and living body, which lasts from 6-8 weeks) the cover screws of the implant are removed and gingiva former is placed instead to create the natural look of gums surrounding the crown, which is to be supported by the implant. Seven to ten days afterwards a dental impression is taken to make the crown. Once the crown had been made, the doctor positions and permanently attaches the crown to the structure. The standard procedure involves a single visit to our dental office where the dental implant placement is carried out under local anesthesia.

Non-metal dental crowns

Non-metal crowns and bridges provide natural appearance and transparency so that you can hardly distinguish them from natural teeth. These prosthetic supplements are alumina-oxide or zircon-oxide based, and are coated with a special kind of ceramics. This computer-supported production process provides outstanding precision and aesthetics to the prosthetic work.

Porcelain facets or veneers

These are laboratory-made thin porcelain flakes cemented in the frontal part of a tooth, in order to improve its aesthetics. They are usually made in cases where the existing teeth are discolored, damaged or irregularly set.

 Teeth whitening

Whitening or „teeth bleaching“ is currently the most common adult dental intervention.  Teeth become a few shades whiter in a short period of time, which explains why this intervention is so popular. The after-bleaching effect is more than pleasing. It is conducted using various methods, which are usually divided into „in-clinic teeth bleaching“ and „in-house teeth bleaching“. It is highly important to perform it with the supervision of dentists. With the help of a modern teeth whitening lamp, the result can already be seen after half an hour of bleaching. Our dental clinic possesses such a lamp by one of the leading manufacturers, „Beyond“, which guarantees an excellent result.

Dental Office Dr Milos Ljubojevic pays special attention to growth and development of children’s teeth.  In the course of the examination, we inform children on how to maintain proper oral hygiene. We believe that educating children is highly important, since they need to develop appropriate habits in dental care, of both deciduous and permanent teeth, at an early age.

Jaw orthopaedics

Jaw orthopaedics (orthodontics) is a branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnostics and treatment of teeth, jaw and facial irregularities, both in children and adults.

At our dental clinic the goal is to achieve an ideal teeth positioning and a beautiful smile to match your face. Orthodontic therapy implies using a variety of movable and fixed apparatuses which produce gentle force to make natural teeth assume a better, that is, a desired position. This is how we improve the health of your teeth, making you have a beautiful and more natural smile.

Dental office Dr Ljubojevic provides a wide range of orthodontic interventions and irregularity treatments in the field of jaw orthopaedics, spanning from the earliest childhood to late adulthood.

We provide the following services:

  • Preventive orthodontics
  • Teeth irregularity correction
  • Adult orthodontics

Dental Office Dr Milos Ljubojevic offers a free-of-charge medical examination by our experts dentists who will give their professional opinion regarding your teeth and your entire oral cavity.

Consultations at our dental clinic are also available by phone, where we are at your disposal during the working hours.[

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